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It’s not too late! Register now for GMPT Legislative Action Day

If you haven't done so already, don't forget to register for GMPT's annual Legislative Action Day! All members are invited to attend virtually or in-person on Thursday, March 14, at the State Capitol in St. Paul to promote parks and trails initiatives. This free, partial-day event provides networking opportunities, speakers from key partners, advice on lobbying, connections with a few elected officials, and time for lobbying.

GMRPTC Update: DNR & SHPO staff answer questions about FY25 grants

On January 23rd, the GMRPTC hosted a grant meeting that was mandatory for FY25 grantees but was also open to all who were interested in learning more about the grant process. The meeting was an opportunity to hear from the DNR Grant Managers—Jenni Bubke and Sarah Wennerberg—as well as SHPO staff members Environmental Review Specialist Kelly Gragg-Johnson and Environmental Review Archaeologist Lucy Harrington.

Legislative session is almost upon us

In less than two weeks, the Minnesota Legislature will reconvene, and although the second half of the biennium is shorter, it will likely be another busy session. Because it is not a budget year, the Legislature will be focused primarily on the bonding bill and policy issues. For GMPT, we have several priorities for 2024. We would like to see more funding for the DNR’s local park and trails grant programs and will be pushing for the inclusion of such funds in the bonding bill.

A Message from the Chair: Hello, 2024!

I hope the New Year has greeted you kindly! As your new Chair, I am honored to serve in this role and look forward to achieving more milestones with my fellow Board members. In addition to working with GMPT, I also serve as the Parks Director for Sherburne County.