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Building Support for Local Parks & Trails Bond Funding

The legislative session, which starts March 8, will be fast and furious this year, with bonding among the top issues. GMPT is working with legislators to introduce a bill supporting $5 million in bonding money for local parks and trails grant programs. With billions of dollars in other bonding requests, it will be a challenge to make it into the overall bill. Thank you to everyone who has contacted legislators and adopted resolutions.

If you haven’t done so already, we encourage your city or county to adopt a resolution to lend support to this effort. A sample resolution is available here. The sooner we can get the resolutions the better, but please aim to adopt the resolution before the end of March. Be sure to send the resolution to your legislators and also send a copy to GMPT lobbyist Elizabeth Wefel ( Keep in mind that the most important thing you can do is personally reach out to your legislators and explain why they should support these grant programs. The more legislators who support the programs, the better our chances of success.

We also hope you’ll join us at Legislative Action Day where we’ll talk more about advocacy and other issues you care about.