Business Member Highlight: mapformation, LLC

mapformation, LLC is a custom cartography firm specializing in the creation of mapping solutions for use in print, signage and electronic applications. They have approximately 550 clients across 10 time zones. Headquartered in Springfield, Minn., mapformation joined the GMPT as a corporate member in January 2018 to expand their effort to work with local, county, state and national parks and improve the quality of maps and other wayfinding materials that parks users can utilize to increase their knowledge about, and enjoyment of, on-site facilities.

One of mapformation’s largest regional parks clients to-date is the City of New Ulm. New Ulm Parks and Recreation hired mapformation to make maps of Nehls Park and South Park, as well as to create immersive interactive walk-throughs of meeting and recreational space (an example of which is the New Ulm Recreation Center).

Wright County also hired mapformation to develop new maps for two of their county parks in the past year, including Robert Ney Memorial Park Reserve in Maple Lake.

mapformation’s largest parks client to-date has been the National Park Service, with the firm being asked to create numerous immersive interactive walk-throughs of visitor centers and historic park structures in South Dakota, California and Alaska. In effort to promote spaces to potential visitors, along with digitally/virtually preserving said spaces should any events occur that might prevent future generations from physically visiting these facilities. An example of that incredibly interesting and award-winning work can be viewed at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park website.

The founder and co-owner of mapformation, Derek Tonn, is also active in growing the sport of disc golf. Derek has designed 11 courses for communities across southwestern Minnesota and southeastern South Dakota, and is currently ranked fourth in the 40+ year history of the sport in the total number of courses played. mapformation serves as Disc Golf Association’s exclusive partner in the development of tee signage for courses across the continent, and Derek, along with a friend and partner Shane Kruse have recently formed a spin-off venture titled ReCourse Disc Golf, whose mission is to take hundreds of existing courses across the Upper Midwest and make them better and safer for communities to enjoy.

If you are in need of some improved map illustrations to promote your facilities to visitors, and/or you are interested in introducing disc golf in your community or county (or improving the experience players and other constituents have when utilizing existing courses), please contact DerekĀ  at or 507-227-3338. He would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

GMPT is proud to have several businesses and corporations among our more than 120 members. We periodically feature articles on our business members in our monthly newsletter so that our readers can learn about the businesses that support our organization. If you know of any businesses that might be interested in joining GMPT, please refer them to our 2018 Business Membership Form.