Business Member Highlight: WSB

WSB is a design and consulting firm specializing in engineering, community planning, environmental, and construction services. Our staff of more than 450 improve the way people engage with communities, transportation, infrastructure, energy and our environment. We are inspired by the world around us and we forge ahead with our clients to achieve their community visions.

We have a long history of successfully planning and designing park and recreation projects throughout the upper Midwest. This often begins with planning a park site or an entire park and trail system. We are currently working on several Comprehensive Park and Trail Master Plans throughout Minnesota including communities both in Greater Minnesota and in the Twin Cities metro. Regardless of location, park and recreational spaces bring communities together. We plan and design for the user, creating an experience and space of value that fits each community’s unique characteristics and personality.

An overall vision for park systems is an important step in creating spaces that serve the community well into the future.  Unfortunately, many communities’ park systems evolve over the course of decades in a reactionary manner with no vision or plan. To maximize, distribute, and connect the much-needed passive and active recreation opportunities necessary for success, a park system master plan is needed.

When approached purposefully with public engagement, park system planning can lead to successful implementation strategies such as bond referendums, sales tax levies, grant funding, and private donations. The resulting park improvements boost tourism, spur economic development and increase civic pride while creating an inspired gathering space that helps build the community.

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