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Check This Out: “A Field Scan of Older Adults in MN”

Age-Friendly Minnesota recently released “A Field Scan of Older Adults and Nature in Minnesota” outlining needs and challenges of older adults as it relates to their participation in nature and outdoor activities. Supported by a community grant, the report examines the emerging field of older adults and nature and explores some of the possibilities and considerations for how to do this work well. It presents statewide strengths, opportunities, challenges, and needs regarding older adult outdoor and nature experiences, and makes recommendations for the future. It compiles information on models, key players, perspectives of diverse groups including older adults, and suggests program, policy, research, funding, and field-building opportunities.

A couple of important things to note about the field scan:

  1. This is an online document intended to be viewed electronically, not printed, as it is 100 pages long with live links to many resources.
  2. Please share this with others who you think might be interested.
  3. This field scan should be considered a beginning point. There is undoubtedly much more happening across Minnesota and a broader story to tell. The field scan includes a vehicle for readers to share more and/or new information as well as feedback. See Appendix G in the report or visit this form.  

For more information about this report or other related resources, please visit the Age-Friendly MN Resources page on their website.