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FORUM RECAP: Pot in the Parks

As Minnesota legalized marijuana this year, one prominent question has been how the new law will impact operations at our local parks and trails. With multiple questions being posed by GMPT members, we hosted a virtual forum featuring expert Kyle Hartnett from the League of Minnesota Cities and several members who have enacted ordinances to address marijuana.

The information shared offered helpful guidance to all city and county officials as it walked through some of the most pressing questions about who can sell marijuana, who can possess it, what rules apply to marijuana usage in your parks and trails, and what officials are doing when park patrons do not comply with guidelines.

One crucial point for parks professionals to remember is that usage in your facilities will largely depend on whether your city or county has passed an ordinance governing the use of marijuana. Some previously adopted ordinances relating to tobacco smoke may be broad enough to cover marijuana usage. Still, it is important to discuss with city or county leadership any policies currently in place and whether a new ordinance should be adopted. 

You can learn more about this issue by viewing the forum recording and reading our recent blog post.