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Funding Tours for FY24 Legacy Grant Requests

Below is a message from GMRPTC Executive Director Renee Mattson. You can reach her at

System Plan Coordinator Joe Czapiewski and I have started touring the FY24 Legacy Grant applicants to review and learn more about the proposals. I think we would both agree the park and trail tours are always the best part of our jobs! More details to come in the September GMPT Newsletter, but here are some highlights of the last month:

Tour of Stearns County Quarry Park with Ben Anderson and Sarah Weed.  Along on that tour we also were pleased to have Commissioner At-Large Jen Foley attend.

Isanti County Springvale Park, one of our newly designated Greater Minnesota Facilities.  The tour was conducted by Barry Wendorf and again attended by Commissioner Foley.

We also toured Redwood County Plum Creek Park with Scott Wold, Adam Kletscher, Briana Mumme and District 5 Commissioner Rick Anderson.

We received 19 applications with a good representation from all six districts. Funding tours will continue into September, and we look forward to learning more about all of the applicants!