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GMPT Bonding Bill Hearing Today, March 29th

GMPT’s Bonding bill, H.F. 2852 (Rep. Nornes) is scheduled for hearing in the House Mining and Outdoor Recreation Committee today, Tuesday, March 29  at 2:45 PM.

If your state representative is on the committee, please reach out to them and ask for their support.  (We’ve posted a list below) If your state rep is not on the committee, they can still reach out to the committee and voice their support.    We are asking for  $2.5 million for the Local Trail Connections Program and the $2.5 million for the Outdoor Recreation Grant Program.

Here’s a list of members on the Outdoor Recreation Committee:

Committee Chair Tom Hackbarth (R) 651-296-2439  E-mail:


Vice Chair Dale Lueck (R) 651-296-2365  E-mail:


DFL Lead Tom Anzelc (DFL) 651-296-4936  E-mail:


Mark Anderson (R) 651-296-4293  E-mail:


John (Jack) Considine Jr. (DFL) 651-296-3248  E-mail:


Tony Cornish (R) 651-296-4240  E-mail:


Rob Ecklund (DFL) 651-296-2190  E-mail:


Jerry Hertaus (R)651-296-9188  E-mail:


Brian Johnson (R)651-296-4346  E-mail:


Debra Kiel (R)651-296-5091  E-mail:


Eric Lucero (R)651-296-1534  E-mail:


Denny McNamara (R)651-296-3135  E-mail:


Carly Melin (DFL)651-296-0172  E-mail:


Jason Metsa (DFL)651-296-0170  E-mail:


Barb Yarusso (DFL)651-296-0141  E-mail: