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GMPT summer membership meeting recap

We had another great membership meeting via Zoom on July 21 with more than 25 participants! It was great to see some new faces and others we just haven’t seen in a while.

Gina Hugo (Sherburne County) and Steve Kohn (Barn Bluff-Winona) both presented on their experiences with leveraging partnership within your community and working with local Native American tribes. They had some great information and awesome experiences to share. They really showed the importance of engaging your community and key stakeholders to make your projects successful. Thank you to Gina and Steve for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

Updates were given on the Legislature and the Greater Minnesota Parks and Trails Commission. You can read more information on those topics throughout the newsletter. In addition, we also recognized our business members:

Be sure to encourage your colleagues and other organizations to become a member of GMPT if they are not already taking advantage of this amazing statewide network of parks and trails professionals. As we continue to grow, our networking and collaboration grows as well as — providing a strong voice at the Legislature.

If you missed this meeting, be sure to join us for our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 20.  Time and location are yet to be determined, but more information will be provided in future newsletters and emails.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and we hope to see another great turnout in the fall.