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GMRPTC Update: DNR & SHPO staff answer questions about FY25 grants

Below is a message from GMRPTC Executive Director Renee Mattson. You can reach her at

On January 23rd, the GMRPTC hosted a grant meeting that was mandatory for FY25 grantees but was also open to all who were interested in learning more about the grant process.

The meeting was an opportunity to hear from the DNR Grant Managers—Jenni Bubke and Sarah Wennerberg—as well as SHPO staff members Environmental Review Specialist Kelly Gragg-Johnson and Environmental Review Archaeologist Lucy Harrington.

With the emphasis on the process from the DNR and SHPO perspective, the meeting was an opportunity to provide clarity and ask questions!

As Sarah Wennerberg stated most eloquently, “Our life goal is to become Audrey, but it will take 35 years to get there.” All our speakers were helpful, gracious, and happy to answer questions.

There will be new SHPO Request for Review forms posted on the GMRPTC website when the FY26 funding application cycle opens on April 1st, 2024.

Thank you to the more than 50 people who attended in person and virtually!