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Governor issues executive order to allow more outdoor activities

Governor Walz issued a new executive order today (EO 20-38) clarifying and in some cases expanding the range of outdoor activities allowed during the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency. We’re reaching out to ensure you have the latest information on these changes.

We’re happy to see that the Governor emphasizes something all of us know – outdoor recreation is essential. The order points out that national and international organizations promote the importance of physical activity for staying healthy, reducing stress and enjoying time with family. The order encourages Minnesotans to engage in outdoor recreation close to home and while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

The order identifies outdoor activities that are allowed and guidelines for those activities, as well as activities that are still prohibited, and it points to Outdoor Recreation Guidelines developed by the Department of Natural Resources in conjunction with the Department of Health.

Here are a few of the do’s and don’ts from the order:

  • Individuals can engage in outdoor activities including golfing, hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, hiking, biking and picnicking.
  • Individuals engaging in outdoor activities must maintain 6 feet of separation from individuals in other households.
  • Members of the same household may participate in sports that do not allow for distancing, such as basketball, but should not do so with other households.
  • Outdoor activities that would gather crowds of people such as competitions, races, or team events are not allowed.
  • Workers who maintain or operate outdoor recreational facilities are considered exempt critical workers.
  • Indoor facilities must remain closed with limited exceptions including bathrooms that are cleaned and disinfected regularly and facilities that provide take-away food and beverages.
  • Outdoor recreation facilities that may be open include local and regional parks and trails, public water accesses, marinas, golf courses and outdoor ranges, bait shops, and shooting ranges.
  • Campgrounds must remained closed to recreational camping.

The order remains effective until May 4, but may be extended by a future executive order.

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