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The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting business closures and canceled events have had one unexpected impact: it has brought loads of new and returning visitors to our parks and trails. Parks and recreation professionals across the state have reported a huge uptick in visitors as individuals and families seek more healthy, affordable and fun outdoor activities.

The pandemic has also allowed parks professionals to tap into their creative sides as they plan new programming ideas that are safe, socially distant and promote all of the great aspects of our beautiful parks and trails. This page is designed to share ideas among GMPT members and other parks and recreation professionals. We simply want to know what programming ideas you’re trying, what’s working well, or what ideas you may have moving forward.

Here are a few programming ideas from our members:

If you have any programming ideas to share, please contact us at Information can be given in a number of ways: by PowerPoint, video clip, website link, PDF or just a bullet list of ideas!