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Thank you to our new & renewing members!

Thank you to all our members who renewed their membership for 2024! We very much appreciate your participation and support in our mission to protect and improve our treasured parks and trail systems.

We would like to welcome our newest GMPT members—City of BeckerCity of Proctor, and Greater Mankato Growth. We’re happy to have you!

We would also like to introduce our new Board Members—Josh Baas of Elk River and Jon Jerabek of McLeod County.

Josh is the Parks Foreman for Elk River Public Works and is driven by his passion for ensuring everyone has access to parks and trails throughout the state. He previously went to school to be a farrier and spent time as a rodeo team roper, and in his free time he enjoys fishing, hunting, and biking. Spending so much time outdoors has resulted in a few unique experiences for Josh, including having a black bear climb the tree he was posted in while bowhunting—let’s just say they were both very surprised!

Jon Jerabek is the Parks and Recreation Manager for McLeod County and has spent his entire professional life in local government. From working as a City Clerk to an Assistant City Administrator to his current role, Jon has developed a wealth of knowledge and passion for his community. In his spare time, Jon is an avid Timberwolves fan and enjoys hiking, podcasting, coming up with million-dollar ideas that never get implemented (maybe one day!), and foraging for mushrooms and other edible plants. Jon and his wife have three kids under the age of 6, one dog, and twelve hens that provide daily gifts—quite the handful!