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Wright County Environmental Education Days

For decades, Wright County Parks & Recreation has partnered with Wright Soil and Water to host Environmental Education Day at Robert Ney Regional Park. Organizers coordinate with as many public, private, and charter schools as possible to provide the opportunity for the area’s fifth-grade students to attend. The event is hosted twice a year, and each takes place over three days, with the schools selecting which day their students will attend.

Each day, about 10-12 presenters are set up around a half-mile loop of trail, which gives students a chance to learn about different environmental subjects. These speakers cover a wide range of topics, including mammals, pollinators, tree identification, swans, soils, monarch butterflies, and much more. Each group of students visits each station for 15 minutes, allowing for five minutes of travel time from station to station. Between the two event dates, more than 1,600 students attend this program each year.

This educational event is the result of a wonderful partnership between the County Parks and Recreation Department and Wright Soil and Water. Since 2022, the County has taken the lead on the event with the dedicated support of Wright Soil and Water. This responsibility is a new adventure for the County, and we are excited about the future of the event as we look to possibly expand to different parks and bring in other schools that have typically not participated due to the location.

For any questions about this event, please contact Carson Law at or Brad Harrington at