Bonding applications due June 16

The Legislature managed to pass a nearly $1 billion bonding bill in the closing hours of the legislative session, but it is already time to look ahead to future bonding cycles.

Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) office recently released its Capital Budget Instructions for Local Governments. Bonding represents a potential funding source for parks and trails, but it may be one of the more difficult sources to obtain. Your project does not need to be officially designated, but typically parks and trails are only considered if they are of regional or statewide significance.

If you have a bonding request you would like to make for your community, you must first complete the forms provided by MMB by June 16, 2017 in order to be considered for inclusion in the Governor’s next bonding proposal. Equally important, to be considered for a stop on the Legislature’s traditional summer/fall bonding tour, this process generally needs to be completed.

You can find the documents by clicking HERE.

If you plan to make this application, reach out to your legislators and let them know. The competition for bonding money is fierce and staunch support from your local legislators is essential for success. They will likely receive multiple requests of support from local cities, counties and townships. Connecting with your legislators early and demonstrating the value of your project to the entire region is an important first step.